Martial Arts School Management System

If you are interested in this system, send us a note, the software is currently being upgraded to work with the latest technologies, and will be available soon. In the meanwhile read below and see how the software can help you better manage your martial arts school.


With the School Management System you can efficiently manage your student’s data, generate reports, search the students’ database. The tool also allows to keep track of tasks and appointments.Coming soon: Mobile versions for iPad and Android tablets. If you purchase your software for your PC now, before the mobile versions are available, you will be entitled to download the mobile version for your school at no additional cost.The image below shows the user interface. The interface shows at all times the student’s photo, a calendar, a list of appointments, meetings, events and other to-do items, and a tabbed section that we describe below.


The tasks and appointments section lists all the items that you need to do, if the item is past due, the tool highlights the date Yellow so that you can easily notice items that you need to address.

Three tabs provide information about the student. The first is the Student Personal Information, which includes student’s first name, last name, parent’s information, address, phone numbers, etc.

Changing the information for a student is as simple as replacing the text in one of the boxes and clicking on the Save button above the photo. To replace the photo all you have to do is click on the photo and a dialog box will appear asking for the new photo’s location.

The second tab provides information about the martial arts program that the student is enrolled in, the rank the belt size, milestones, if the student is promoting during the upcoming promotion event, and a section to write notes where you can keep track of the student’s progress and add any other information that you need.


The third tab provides administrative details such as tuition paid, when the tuition is due, credit card number if you charge tuition yourself, as well as a section for more notes.


The fourth tab allows to take, and keep track of attendance. You select the class from the list and then select the students that attended that class.

You can choose to enter each student’s name by selecting them via the student list, or by using a barcode scanner to read from the attendance cards. This second option is selected by clicking on the Start Barcode Scanner and then reading the barcodes on your student’s attendance cards; this provides a much faster way to record attendance.


When you are done, you can save that information for later retrieval, by clicking the Save button.


The saved attendance record is now available from the list at the bottom, which you can select and open.


The fifth tab allows to set the next promotion date and find the students that are promoting. You select a date for the next promotion, and by clicking the Set button, the program automatically adds the new event to the event list.

If you want the list of student promoting on that date, you can get their names by clicking on the Get List of Students Promoting button. When the promotion has taken place, you can save the record of the students who promoted by clicking on the Close button, which saves a file with the names for later retrieval.


The sixth tab provides an easy way to generate reports based on rank, program, style, tuition paid, and status. You can choose to generate a report including only Active students or both Active and Inactive by selecting at the bottom of the tab.


The seventh tab allows to search an student so that his/her information can be displayed. It allows to display the attendance record for the student.

The last activity you can do is to set when tuition is collected, by selecting the range of days in the month when you will be collecting tuition. The program automatically creates two activities on the To-Do section.

When you have finished the tuition collection activity you close this To-Do items and the program creates the tasks for next month automatically. The Reset Tuition button, allows to reset the information for each students to Not Paid for next cycle, if any student has not paid the current cycle, a notice is given to search using the Reports tab.


The software also allows you to record information about leads that you gather during the events that you host at your school, or events that you attend somewhere else. For example many schools host birthday parties; you can schedule a birthday party using the To Do section of the software and plan for the things that you need to do as well. During the party you meet and talk about your school with the new parents attending the party and collect their information. You can record and track this information by clicking on the Manage button inside the Leads section. That way you can call them after a few days and ask them if they would be interested in joining your school.


If you would like to use the software to test its capabilities and easiness of use, call us or send us an email with your information, we will then send you a link where you can download the software to try it out. We are sure you will love using this software as it will allow you to easily manage your school, and will save you a lot of time finding and managing information.

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