Smarter Backpack

The Young Minds Smarter Backpack’s cool features help you get through your busy day.

Young Minds’ Smart Backpack provides a design oriented to the modern student, the adventure-looking hiker, the busy business traveler, and the occasional tourist traveler.  This backpack is equipped with a GPS tracker, solar-powered USB ports that charge electronic gadgets, and a Bluetooth connection to a mobile device to interact with the backpack’s features.

Also included in this revolutionary backpack are alarms and notifications that can be configured to alert when zippers have been opened, and when the backpack has been left behind.  There is, as well, a sensor that monitors the weight of the backpack.

Backpacks are an essential tool for business and tourist travelers, the features of the backpack allow for peace of mind when standing or walking through crowded places, such as the airport, train terminal, subway, tourist venue, etc; you will be less likely to leave your backpack behind, and less likely to have someone steal an item from your backpack.

Backpacks are also the most common item used by students of all ages, being an essential item in student activities, they have evolved into fashion statements, they are a distinctive feature of a student’s personality, and, buying the right backpack has become one of the most important back-to-school events.

With the increase in the number of school supplies that a student needs, along with regular books and electronic gadgets carried, the weight of a backpack has become a health issue.  According to doctors and physical therapists, the recommended weight a kid should carry should not exceed 15% of their body weight, carrying more weight can lead to shoulder, neck or back pain or injury, our weight self-measuring feature informs you when the backpack might be too heavy for you to carry.


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